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Thy Wish provides one-to-one coaching for your executive staff. In doing so, we consider personal and professional development with the intention of encouraging reflection and ideas on one’s own objectives and provide the impetus for continued development. The focus is placed here, among other things, on enhancing one’s own communications skills and charisma, improving time management and problem-solving capacity and developing empathy.


When dealing with clients and employees, intercultural skills and employee motivation are particularly important in the hotel and service industry. Successful international relations are not just the product of “do’s and don’ts”, but rather from insight and understanding of the behaviours and views of people from different cultures. This not only involves recognizing cultural differences but also making the most of this knowledge.

When engaging in personal contact, it is essential to interpret specific national traits correctly and to react appropriately to differences in cultural background, linguistic usage, body language and perception. This also includes recognizing how others see us.
An important point regarding coaching is also employee motivation, since demotivation on the part of one employee can quickly rub off on other employees. In this regard, we concentrate on intrinsic motivation, that is employees acting positively because they feel that way and not as a result of some external incentive.