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Growth means progress, but when is the time right, and what is the right balance? When you are planning an expansion and new destinations, all the facts must be well tested and thought through.

We advise you when choosing and when comparing new property. We review on your behalf potential land and building properties and analyze their compatibility with your desired level of growth.

Upon request, we can also draw up your entire business plan and set goals covering several years to suit your particular requirements and standards.

As brokers, we carry out both contract negotiations along with your lawyers and at the separation process for a neutral completion of communications. Misunderstandings can easily arise during the taking over of ongoing contracts, which may result in expectations not being met and disputes. As objective negotiating partners, we are always striving for complete communication and to obtain a satisfactory result for both parties.


  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of objectives
  • Position & market analysis of the target area
  • Sales & growth potential
  • Identifying and examining existing property
  • Sales and marketing
  • Input for your feasibility studies