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Are things at your hotel not running as smoothly as they should or could? Do you need an objective partner who can show you your business’s strengths and weaknesses and come up with optimization recommendations?
We assess on your behalf the baseline situation and suggest different solutions in all areas. An important requirement for this is to be willing to work with us in developing the expertise and talent of your company from the ground up and making effective use of its qualities.

1. Mystery Checks
Following a discussion on the baseline situation, we will work out the testing criteria together and then decide whether we check in as a “mystery guest” or whether your employees are informed in advance of the forthcoming assessment.

An open audit provides many possibilities for increasing your employees’ motivation. Conducting personal interviews can be useful, as can identifying areas of weakness and hidden talents. This also allows to check their understanding of the corporate philosophy. Moreover, this open review enhances the confidence of employees in their company and helps them to see themselves as an important and integral part of the team.

In conducting mystery checks, our focus is mainly to identify weakness in service provision. As unrecognized observers, we can see in particular any critical points and work on addressing them as seamlessly as possible.

Following the analysis of the strong and weak points, we implement new measures and results, and develop with your teams different solution proposals, and, if required, put together a quality management team.

2. Competition Analysis
In the hotel business, occupancy rates are the main focus of investors, owners and managers. This is not necessarily bad given that these numbers provide valuable statistical input and data for comparison against the previous year’s results and the competition. Is your establishment not among the hotels with the highest turnover or not particularly popular with the public? Why is that so? What are the others doing better, and where is the customer getting more service for his money? Nowadays, guests are not as loyal to a brand as they were just a few years ago, but are more price-oriented and strongly influenced by online ratings. As a profiler, we monitor your competitors and analyze your position so that you can then effectively stand out. To this end, we develop packages of measures that will help increase profits, such as upselling in bars and restaurants or at during check-in at the front desk.

3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Should a guest find a hair in his soup, this can quickly negatively affect the overall impression of your establishment. In my capacity as a profiler, I assess the true value for money as perceived by the guest. The quality of the meals on offer, the honest dedication to service, the hygienic conditions, the convivial atmosphere created by the personnel, pleasant odours, well-chosen music and even the respectful treatment of nature and natural resources: all this provides tremendous results at a very low cost.